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Forgive and Get

So there was this dude from back in the day. He’d gotten himself into some pretty serious debt (the equivalent of millions of dollars) by borrowing from the king of his land, and on budget-balancing day, the king decided he wanted everything settled up. As you’d guess, the guy didn’t have the funds to pay… Continue reading Forgive and Get

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moments, present and accounted for.

Two years ago today I was waking up in India. Probably at all the wrong time of day, as I was still getting used to that other-side-of-the-world time change. Even while rubbing my eyes, I could still see that moment. That face. That gratitude that seemed to make no sense to me. A frail little man,… Continue reading moments, present and accounted for.

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even flunkies are loved

Let me just start by saying that I’m a devotional flunkie. Totally and completely. So when you hear me say “I read the coolest thing in my devotional this morning…” please know that you should in no way picture me up at 4am, sitting quietly in the dining room, hands folded, with my thick bible open… Continue reading even flunkies are loved

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It’s gettin’ real…

Just wrapped up our big Pilgrim Simulation project at school this week. My little kiddos are now walking around the world with words like Separatist, ‘tween deck, chamber pot, and Wampanoag in their vocabulary. They are well versed in the details of how the first feast became the first Thanksgiving. At one point in the… Continue reading It’s gettin’ real…

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Monkey Town Read-Along: Week 1

The back cover of the book states, in bold print at the top: KNOWING ALL THE ANSWERS ISN’T AS IMPORTANT AS ASKING THE QUESTIONS For some things, this statement doesn’t sit very well with me. For example, if I’m going in for surgery, it’s not a motto that I’d like to see hanging on the… Continue reading Monkey Town Read-Along: Week 1